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Who knows?

where the time goes… ages since an update…well,  I’m just getting ready for Morris On Band rehearsals, planning the new solo album and  recovering from a fun but exhausting tour with the Albion Band, which culminated in a fun gig at Shepley Village Festival after 25 earlier dates since the beginning of March. Crucible trio things are slowly grinding into action, Hekety are playing a few shows and we’ve done a couple of Davenport family shows too… phew. Coming up I have Gate to Southwell, Chippenham Folk Festival, an Albion show at The Half Moon, Putney, Oysterband’s BigSession and then into recording the new record with friends including Tim Yates (Albion Band) and Tom Kitching (Pilgrim’s Way).

I’m also working with Haystack Records – they are providing agency and label services for the next album and I’m very happy to be working alongside Pete and Hannah on some exciting stuff, coming up soon.

Summer will be as busy as ever – Must Come Down with Morris Offspring returns, and I’ll be involved in various summer festivals this year including Warwick (Crucible Trio), Sidmouth (Solo/hekety/crucible trio/Morris Offspring), Cropredy (Morris On Band), Whitby (solo), Towersey (solo/hekety/Albion Band) and right through to December with the Great British Folk Festival and into 2013 with IVFDF now confirmed with Albion and Hekety shows.

So… a big dates update due soon!

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