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“A timeless record… could have been made in 1970, 2010 or 2040…Proper grown up folk music for grown-ups!”

Jim Moray

“Gavin Davenport does a sterling job to put his own mark on The Robber’s Song, one of the most distinctive tracks on the original album when performed by A.L. Lloyd.”

Colin Irwin, August 2011

“Brave stuff but good stuff”

Johnny Handle, August 2011

”If more of our young “folkies” could write and sing like this there would be a great future for our traditional music. Highly recommended. No, actually it’s essential.”

Shreds and Patches, February 2011

“I was impressed by his powerful voice… a really interesting guy – Check him out when you get the chance.”

John Jones, Oysterband

“Excellent… timeless and uncluttered… The tradition is safe in the hands of this singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who truly respects the songs and their heritage.”

Around Kent Folk, June/July 2011

“…an unambiguous contemporary narrative that’s every bit as masterly as Chris Wood’s One In A Million”

fROOTS, January 2011

“brings to mind those cherished albums put out by Bill Leader in the 1970s. In particular we’re reminded of the late Tony Rose and the early recordings of Pete Coe; men strong in voice and clear in vision….the effect is of a captivating one to one storytelling…destined to become a fresh source for singers in years to come.”

English Dance & Song, winter 2010

“…an urgent record exuding immediacy…The qualities of starkness and tenderness go hand in hand in Gavin’s keen realisations of traditional ballads and broadsides. His voice has a bold attack and commanding sense of expressive import.”

The Living Tradition, January 2011

“the sort of voice that is custom-built to sing folk songs. The arrangements are unfailingly apt, the playing exemplary. I haven’t heard an album that filled me with such hope for the future of English trad singing since the first Spiers and Boden projectile back in 2002″

Stirrings, December 2010

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