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Autumn & Spring Duo Tours 2014/2015

Anyone who check here will already know how terrible I am at writing updates, but here’s a quick one. I’m doing a few dates between now and Christmas with Tom Kitching. You can catch us at:

Bradninch Folk Club, Devon on 18/11/2014

The Black Swan, York on 20/11/2014

The Globe, Glossop on 27/11/2014

Letchworth and Baldock Folk Club on 10/12/2014

The Stables, Milton Keynes (Gav teaching Workshop) 13/12/2014

The Electric Palace, Harwich, Essex on 17/12/2014

We have a bigger tour coming up in the spring – see the dates page, and if you know of anyone looking for an act next year or 2016, point them in our direction. I’m also teaching a couple of workshops (see above for the first.)

Summer comings and goings

Hi all – as usual a very belated update, but had an absolute blast at Sidmouth. It was the lightest workload for a while with only four gigs in three days, compared to the fifteen or so engagements of previous years, but it was well received and great to catch up with so many people. Particular thanks to all those who came along and took the time to talk to me and the other band members – it is always brilliant to know what you thought!

I spent a week in deepest darkest Devon on the run up to Sidmouth writing and rehearsing with The Albion Band – this was a real privilege – great to have a little bit of time with my good friends, taking time out of their very busy schedules. It was like the very best days of being in a garage band in the old days. Each day we’d take a little time to write, then over to the studio in an afternoon or evening for jamming and recording. I reckon we put about a half dozen things down on ‘tape’ for the future.

Next week I’m off to Broadstairs with the Morris On Band, and on Tuesday I’m doing a solo gig as well. I hope to see some of you at Boradstairs, Towersey, Wallingford, Swanage or Bromyard before the summer is out!



a weekend at folk camp!

Last weekend was an amazing opportunity to hang out with like minded souls as I scooted down to the west country for a weekend at the beautiful Halsway Manor. I took part in an EFDSS/Paul Hamlyn foundation supported weekend of talks and workshops on all manner of topics tied to the idea of being a viable business as a working folk musician.
One of the most inspiring things was just having chance to talk and play tunes with the other participants. Made some new friends and came back with a ton of great new music. I am currently plotting a big new project. In the meantime, I am listening to new stuff by Sam Kelly, Bella Hardy, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker amongst others!

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Autumn Daze

Since the summer, things have been consistently hectic with the last few festivals running into the first few weeks of October. We’re really blessed to have a festival season that spans February to October! I had a great couple of weeks in Canada, with some nice shows in Southern Ontario. Toronto feels like a bit of a home from home and it was great to catch up with friends old and new. As autumn draws in things quieten down a little and it is time to retreat to the studio to work on the full length Albion Band Album. Our hastily produced EP of the summer just got a 4 Star review in Maverick (which contrasts pleasantly with the crassly anonymous pseudo review of fRoots) and we’ve booked an epic tour of the UK for March – check out dates on the er… dates page! Hope to see you somewhere soon.

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